Monday, June 01, 2009

Billy Kelly's Happy Club

Billy Kelly is the newest kid rocker on the block, & his first disc is a blockbuster! Clever, fun, great pop melodies, hooks & humor. This CD is on my Top 10 for 2009. Check it out! You'll be happy you did.

1) How did I suddenly become an OFFICIAL member of The Happy Club? and are there any annual fees?

All you gotta do is SMILE and youre an OFFICIAL member of The Happy Club! It's that simple. They say smiling only uses one muscle (the mouth muscle, located in the mouth) but frowning uses over 18 million muscles, many of which are located in the feet & leg area. So you can see that smiling much better than frowning when it comes to things to do with your face.

Joining The Happy Club is free. Staying in The Happy Club is FREE. The only thing you're required to do as an official member of The Happy Club is spread cheer & love around. Smile at people, give your friends hugs, pet your dog and stuff like that.

2) If the first song is called This is the First Song why isnt the last song called This is the Last Song?

Mainly because the word Last could mean PREVIOUS, and there would be no way to truthfully play a song called This Is The Previous Song, because you could never play the previous song while playing the song youre currently playing. Also because I didnt think of it in time.

3) I see the Talking Heads had an influence are there other influences?

Gravity is a big influence on me. It really keeps me grounded. I like Talking Heads interesting/absurd way of looking at the world, but musically The Monkees were the biggest inspiration for this me while recording this CD. I love their harmony vocals especially, but I also like the way they jump around from one musical style to another. I also just like the way they jump around period. I like the way actual monkeys jump around too. Thats awesome.

4) Why do People Really Like Milk?

That's a great question, and one I never bothered to ask myself, so I dont have the answer. It can't be because it comes from a cow because there are other things that come from cows that people really don't seem to care for. It can't be simply because milk tastes good, because milk tastes GREAT. All I know for sure is that people really DO like milk. Open everyones refrigerator if you dont believe me they all have milk in there.

5) My kids & I LOVE Digby on The Billy Kelly Show. How did he become your manager & what plans does he have?

One of my socks got a big hole in the heel and I threw it in the garbage. (You can't recycle socks.) As I turned to walk away, the sock started talking to me (the hole in the heel was apparently its' mouth) and asked me if I needed a manager. I told him what I really needed was a new sock, but Digby ODoole wont take no for an answer. Our conversation continued for about 2 hours and in the end I let him manage my music carrer. Now he does stuff for me like sending my CD to radio stations, booking concerts, and setting up interviews with cool kids-music blogs. I only wear yellow socks, by the way.

6) Did The Blah Blah Blahs used to be The Yeah Yeah Yeahs?

No No No.

7) Why is Springtime your favorite?

I've always loved Springtime the best. Its not too hot, and its not too cold. Sometimes you get a little snow in the Springtime, but not TOO much snow like in Winter. Plus lots of trees and flowers change color in Springtime, just like in Autum, but unlike Autum, they don't all drop their leaves onto the ground and die then. In Springtime everything changes color and STAYS ALIVE! Springitme is the best!!!

8) Where can folks catch your show?

Episode 1 of The Billy Kelly Show is currently posted on my youtube channel: Its split into two parts because its over 10 minutes long, and youtube apparently thinks all videos should be less than 10 minutes long. Im looking for a home for it on a more kid-friendly video site. Eventually itll be on my site,, but thats still under construction. Digby says the web site will be done in 2014.
Thanks Billy (& Digby, for making this interview possible). Hope to be seeing more of both of you. -Yosi

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a very kid friendly video site is: if you're not already there