Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flow dreamily with Sunflow

Feelin' kinda mellow?

SUNFLOW is the brainchild of two transatlantic songwriters Nancy Falkow (USA) and Fran King (IRELAND). Upon a chance meeting at a train station in Dublin, Ireland, Falkow and King became fast friends.

The following is an interview with Nancy:

1) How did Sunflow form?
OK in a nutshell....I moved to Ireland from Philadelphia in 2004 and in
2005 I randomly met Fran King at a train station (I recognized him from seeing him on TV). I later joined his band playing some keys and singing.
One day he played me a beautiful song he wrote, "Eve's Lullabye - (My Little One)" and I thought, why haven't I written anything like that for my kid? So I wrote 5 tunes and we worked on some more together and decided we'd make a record. We enlisted his mate and producer extraordinaire Duncan Maitland (who's also a Sunflow bandmember). And Sunflow was born.

2) What inspired you to create "Under the Stars"?

3) Do you perform these songs live?
We've done a few band shows and some radio. Schedules permitting, more to come.

4) How do kids respond to your sound? (If they fall asleep does that
mean the concert is a success?)
That's the thing, as a band we're new, so we haven't performed for kids yet, we've mostly played shows for adults, you know, at night-- and only a few people fell asleep. But I would say sleep is a success!

5) I hear Paul McCartney & XTC in your songs. What are your influences?
My influences hover in the B section of the alphabet - Beatles, Bowie, Beck, Beach Boys, Bob Dylan and I love Ween, Daniel Lanois, Stevie Wonder, Aimee Mann, Joni Mitchell, Patty Griffin and so many more!

6) What's next on your drawing board?
Well, I'd like to get the word out about this record. The children's world is new to me, I've been a singer-songwriter a while, but promoting a record that's meant for kids is a whole different animal!

And speaking of drawing board - I've been drawing images and creating videos for some of the songs from "Under the Stars" and putting them up on YouTube(inspired by the artist Roseann Endres from Eric Herman's videos).

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