Thursday, June 22, 2006

Barry Louis Polisar: Old Enough To Know Better

The original bad boy of kids music has released his "worst" songs ever!
Forty reworked compiled tunes on a double disc!
Back in the 70's when Raffi was crooning tunefully about baby whales, & Peter Paul & Mary's famous, sweet Dragon was popular, Barry was mining the darker side of kids music. Barry understands children from their own perspective & trusts their intelligence, humor & understanding of satire. Thirty years later he's put his worst of (or best of) songs together in this great collection. The subjects include: fighting in "When Suzie Sneezed", tyranny & rules in "Shut Up in the Library", & excuses in "I'm Late."
Barry holds nothing back when he sings his often angst-ridden songs. He's be known to plead, screech, cry out, & make a whole bunch of goofy (& entertaining) vocal sounds. One of my favorites is "I Looked Into the Mirror" about a most unflattering mirror that insults a child's looks. Who amongst us hasn't dealt with feeling less than beautiful in the mirror? The songs are a laugh riot! Parents & kids will love the musings of "The I Eat Kids Klezmer Polka." Musically the guitar arrangements are the best I've heard on any of Barry's albums. Also, great clarinet & saxophone performed by Barry's son.