Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

We have a new CD!
Plus a concert on Sirius/XM 116 all weekend long!
PLUS: this Father's Day article is running in several on-line publications.

Hey Daddy-o!
By: Yosi Levin

“Hey there, kiddo! Enjoying your day? How about a bike ride? Let’s go!” Dads are great! From teaching you how to ride that bike, kissing your boo-boo, helping with homework, to taking the family out for ice cream, they are sweet & so much fun! Sure, they have work to do, bills to pay & things to fix. Dads come in all shapes, size, temperaments & attitudes.
They are special guys, but what makes a Dad so special? As the leader of a band of Dads, Yosi & The Superdads, I realize we have lots of differences but even more in common. Some of us have more hair on our heads than others. We have different size families, houses, cars, pets, & outlooks. But at the heart of being a Dad are some super qualities. It took several months to tease out those super qualities, but they are so simple we wonder why it took so long.

So here they are:

1) Patience: Now we’re not patient ALL the time! Let’s face it, who is? Sometimes it’s downright hard to be patient & we know it. But a great super-virtue of a Dad is the ability to assess a situation calmly, think about it and decide on a course of action. Did your Dad teach you how to tie shoelaces, throw a ball, or ride a two-wheeler? You know what I mean. It takes time & a lot of biting of one’s tongue to teach & be a part of a kid’s life…but we love it!

2) Care: You’ve heard it …”good night”, “good Morning”, “great job”, “watch out”, “hey silly goose”, “I’m gonna catch you”, and more…plus you’ve seen his silly faces, smiles & crazy looks …all spell I L-O-V-E Y-O-U …every time.

3) Humor: Now Dads tend to be natural goofballs. It’s like they were built to be human whoopee cushions. Whether they’re laughing loudly at a funny movie or TV show, cracking jokes, tickling, or making bathroom or silly noises you gotta admit they LOVE to crack you up.

4) Perseverance: No, not sweating! You know, hanging in there & doing the right thing. (OK, maybe there’s some sweating involved.) This is the glue for any family. Someone’s got to take care of daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal & yearly tasks. But more importantly, there needs to be a vision of the future & working towards it. Moms have their way of doing it wonderfully, & Dads have theirs. Sometimes it may not look like much more than work, or chores, or even reading the mail …but there’s a bigger picture in that man’s head. Ask him. You might be surprised.

And so my good friends it’s nearly Father’s Day. You could buy that tacky tie, or an iPod for your special Daddy. But what any Dad really wants is what we all want; some appreciation. I don’t need a big gift to feel appreciated. For me a hand drawn card from my kids makes all the difference.
However, if you REALY REALLY want to make a Dad super-happy I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You ready? Shhhhh! Secretly, Dads want to feel like they are cool again. There was a time when they were younger & rode a motorcycle or went to rock concerts wearing a leather jacket. They’re not sure if they are cool anymore & you CAN’T TALK TO THEM about it. They’ll just deny it. So, if you REALLY want to make a Dad feel super special all you have to do is say “Hey, Daddy-o! You’re the coolest!”

Award-winning children’s recording artist & performer, Yosi Levin, is a father of four children, ages: 7, 12, 12, & 15. Yes, that’s twins in the middle! He with his wife & kids live in the sleepy seashore town of Island Heights, NJ where they plant butterfly gardens, rear moths, play various musical instruments & go on bike rides. Oh, somewhere in between bills get paid.

PS- You can hear Yosi & The Superdads recorded concert on Sirius/XM Channel 116 all Father’s Day weekend (June 19 -21).

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