Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hey, Daddy-o's Ernie & Neal!

Rockin' Ska Daddy-o's, Ernie & Neal, rock the house!

1) How many kids do you have? Ages?
Ernie = 3 kids 7, 12, & 18
Neal= 2 kids 1 & 7

2) Best thing about being a dad?
Dominating the remote control

3) How does being a dad influence your music?
We started out before we had kids. So we got our inspiration from our nieces and nephews. Now we have 24 hour access to what kids are thinking about. We also get instant feedback on what works for them.

4) Best &/or worst Father's Day gift:
Becoming fathers was the best gift we could ever have gotten.

5) How are you spending this Father's Day?
Just hanging out with the whole family. Hopefully in a cool place, maybe with a pool!!!

6) Words of wisdom to dads:
Laugh, sing, play, and laugh laugh and laugh

7) (For your kids only)...walk out of the room dads...is your dad (Ernie & Neal) cool or goofy?

Happy Father's Day, Daddy-o's!

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