Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hey, Daddy-o, Robbie Schaefer!

XM Kids Music Director & recording artist, Robbie Schaefer, is said to be "stuck in a real tall tree" & has a "carp in the tub." What's he doing in a tub with a carp up a tree? I can't figure out. But maybe he'll tell us something about being a dad.

1) How many kids do you have? Ages?

I have three boys. Noah (14), Ethan (11), and Owen (9).

2) Best thing about being a dad?

You know that clay project that your kid made in art class? And you’re not sure if it’s an ashtray, a pterodactyl, or a self-portrait, but it says, “I love you, Dad” on the side? Love those!

3) How does being a dad influence your music?

My kids are my test market for new songs. They’re almost always right. Also, Ethan and Owen often sing on stage with me, usually stealing the spotlight.

4) Best &/or worst Father's Day gift:

Best: My son Ethan was born on Father’s Day, 1997

5) How are you spending this Father's Day?

A brunch with the boys and my parents and sister’s family. For the first year since he was born, Ethan’s birthday falls on Fathers Day again! In celebration, I plan to make him wear a diaper and not let him sleep through the night. OK, maybe I’ll just make him wear a diaper.

6) Words of wisdom to dads:

Every time your child asks you to play catch or read to them, say yes.

7) (For your kids only)...walk out of the room Robbie...is your dad (Robbie) cool or goofy?

OK, I’m at work, so I’m gonna have to answer for them. I would say I’m cool and goofy. They would say I’m goofy.

Thanks, Robbie!
Happy Father's Day!

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Also, Robbie's music can be heard on: http://songsforkidslikeus.littlestarrecords.com/

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