Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hey, Daddy-o Mr Ray!

Mr. Ray is a fellow artist from NJ I've had the pleasure of sharing a couple of stages, an occasional cup of coffee, & met his lovely wife & daughter.

Hey, Mr. Ray!

1) How many kids do you have? Ages?
Hi Yosi! Thanks for inviting me....Patti & I have one beautiful girl, Layla, who is 3 1/2.

2) Best thing about being a dad?
Being blessed with the awesome responsibility of raising a child: it's the ultimate selfless act.

3) How does being a dad influence your music?
Boy, I thought I was inspired before Layla! Now there is inspiration at every turn....

4) Best &/or worst Father's Day gift:
No 'worst' Father's Day gifts so far! =-)

5) How are you spending this Father's Day?
We're having a lot of family members at our first house this Sunday...first Father's Day we're hosting....can't wait.

6) Words of wisdom to dads:
From my song, 'First Father's Day':
They warn you like you’re goin’ to battle
You’ll never do the things you used to do
But she doesn't take away my passions
She adds a new color to everything I do

7) (For your kids only)...walk out of the room your dad (Ray) cool or goofy?
Cool AND Goofy! Happy Father's Day to you, too, pal.....

Thanks Ray!
Happy Father's Day!

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