Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hey, Daddy-o Eric Herman!

Cool tunes for kids by a cool, & according to at least one child ...a "goofy" daddy-o, Eric Herman:

1) How many kids do you have? Ages?

Hi, Yosi. Happy Father's Day to you!

Two girls, Evee, who is 3 and Becca, who is 5.

2) Best thing about being a dad?

Getting to know these two wonderful people and discovering their personalities and talents and sharing and experiencing life with them.

3) How does being a dad influence your music?

There are always the in-the-moment inspirations, where something happens related to being a parent, or something that your kids say, where you think, hmm, that could be a good song. That has led to a number of songs including "Hide and Go Seek with the Moon", "In the Box", "Bounce and Flap and Twist" and "Come Play" (which will be on my next album). Also, just being a part of their lives and experiencing the world from their point of view can be a great way to connect with a kids' perspective in terms of the kind of material you create for them.

4) Best &/or worst Father's Day gift:

Best: hugs, songs ("I'm so glad when Daddy comes home" and Frances England's "Daddy-O" are favorites in that vein) Worst: a tiara, liverwurst, a smelly sock (I've never received those things for Father's Day, but I imagine it wouldn't be very much fun to receive them.)

5) How are you spending this Father's Day?

We're on the road now, so we'll be going to church somewhere in the Baton Rouge area, then we'll probably hang out in the motorhome and watch a movie with popcorn and play some games together.

6) Words of wisdom to dads:

Like Lou Reed said about becoming a father, "It's the beginning of a great adventure." Buckle in and say "wheee!" through the twists and turns. Enjoy them, appreciate them, learn from them, let them be silly, recognize that they're all individuals (what works for one may not work the same for another), and try to give them tools that will help them be strong and independent and happy with who they are throughout their lives. Think of how big of an influence your parents were on you, for better or worse, and what incredible importance they had in your life... your kids will observe and usually reflect who you are and what you do, to some extent... so be kind and be careful about who you are and what you do.

7) (For your kids only)...walk out of the room Eric...is your dad (Eric) cool or goofy?

My wife interviewed my girls and apparently this is what they had to say...

Becca (age 5): "What is Daddy like?" Daddy is a boy. He has glasses to help him see. Daddy is good and nice... "Is he cool, or goofy?" He's cool and goofy. "Anything else?" I love Daddy! I will give Daddy a hug for Father's Day.

Evee (age 3): "What is Daddy like?" Nice and cute. He likes to play on his computer. "Is he cool, or goofy?" Daddy is cool and silly both... but he's not really really super cool.
(Follow up...) "Who IS super cool?" Me and Becca."Anything else?" He loves me a lot and he gives a lot a lot of good really big hugs. Daddy! I'm makin' a map for you.

Happy Father's Day, Eric!

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