Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wake Up! Video

Yosi & the Superdads release a 3-song medley just in time for school!
Having 15 kids between the four of us dads we know a thing or two about trying to get the kids up for school. Sure, the first week or two they are excited, but soon they are not so chipper in the morning. So, it's our (& your) job as parents to get these munchkins fed, dressed, brushed, kissed & sent out the door. Of course, on weekends when YOU want to sleep in the kids get their revenge!
To hear samples &/or download of the three-song morning trilogy:
1) Wake Up,
2) Vitamin A-K, 
3) Bus Stop
Oh, and enjoy the first song & video: Wake Up! Turn it up LOUD!!! the morning.

Have a great day!!
Yosi & the Superdads

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