Monday, March 26, 2007

No! Sleep! (in) Brooklyn!

'Twas a late night for kiddies & kindie rockers at the Brooklyn recording of Spare the Rock.

Lots of acts...a couple 'o dozen very talented acts crammed into the delightful Jalopy.

It was great to catch up with old friends & meet new folks I've heard of or read about, & put the faces to name &/or legend. One such person was THE Lovely Mrs. Davis who only lived up to the first part of her name (lovely), but disappointingly not the second "Tells You What to Think" part. I was SO hoping to be told what to think. Although Bill did let me think I was going on at 3:00am. Left to our own thoughts & devices the crowd dined on delicious middle eastern vegetarian food (pitas, stuffed grape leaves, hummus & more) as we enjoyed each other's music. To say there were highlights would be an understatement, but to number them would be burdensome.

I'll tell ya what stuck in my head:
1) Randy Kaplan's Shampoo Me! Thanks for the humor & beautiful playin' Randy. I had to play that for my twins when I got home & they got a real good chuckle out of it.
2) Lunch Money. These folks are so cool. Love their Silly Reflection disc. Reminds me of VU, & it just makes me smile every time I hear it.
3) Scribble Jim. Sorry your kids got all tuckered out & couldn't stay. Who could blame them...(Jim went on after me & I was on at 11:30pm!) Jim's "I Love Life...I Love You" original was warm, funny, smart & then, of course, it was (electric) Chocolate Milk time.
4) Ella forgot to bring all of her teeth.

There was lots & lots more really great stuff...but I leave that to the other bloggers. How did ya'll enjoy this shin dig?

Anyone got some PICs?
We can post them here.



GBK Gwyneth said...

I'm still working on getting my photos put together. Chloe is SO sad that she fell asleep and missed hearing you and ScribbleJim play.

We had a great time and are thrilled to have met you and many of the other musicians whose music we love so much.

Katie said...

I found the "happening" a lot of fun. Great meeting everyone. Love Yosi. So glad we met you. You know, Mrs. Davis didn't tell me what to think either, but, as I said, I don't recall you telling anyone what's eating you.

That aside, lots of talent and good energy.


HFVS said...
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HFVS said...

Hey Yosi,

Plenty of pics from the Hootenanny at Hilltown Families.

I put together a collage too. Click here.

Rock on!

Sienna & Persephone

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