Friday, December 22, 2006

Interview: Trout Fishing in America

Keith & Ezra's new CD & DVD, "My Best Day," is a lively LIVE recording, AND it's nominated for a Grammy! This is their third disc to be nominated.
You can enter to win an autographed copy. They were kind enough to take a few minutes out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions.

1) You've been making your own music independently for a long time. Do you enjoy being Indie artists? What are the advantages?

Initially, the idea for being independent artists was the only option we had. No Major Labels were beating down our doors so we decided to see what we could do for ourselves. We were amazed that we could actually make money releasing our albums on our own label, Trout Records. The advantages of doing it yourself are that you control content on your records and the albums you release don't go out of print. Being independent has been especially advantageous to us as our music is so hard to categorize. And yes, we do enjoy anything that helps us keep playing music.

2) Most of your songs are geared for children, yet have an equal appeal for many adults. What makes it appealing to both groups? The humor? Musical styles?

We actually make albums for adults as well as children. When we do children's projects, we bring the same writing and production values to the table. Kids know if they're being talked down to and kids and adults appreciate the authenticity of the music. Most of our subject matter is taken from everyday life looked at from a slightly different angle.

3) When you write songs do you work on melody or lyrics first? How does the process go?

Almost all of our songs are co-writes. Keith is generally the lyrical generator and Ezra is primarily the musical generator. That being said, we'll take it any way we can get it. Sometimes we start with lyrics and sometimes we start with music. After we get started, we're both involved in all aspects of the process.

4) "My Best Day" captures the warmth & energy of your best live performances. What helped make it successful? The audience? Being well practiced?
Thank you. My Best Day is a result of years of performing together. The way it worked, we only had one shot at recording the performance so what you hear is what we did in one show. The audience that attended that day was incredibly inspiring. Over 1,000 people from at least six states were there and their enthusiasm was palpable from beginning to end.

5) My kids & I love "My Hair Had A Party Last Night." Is that tune autobiographical? Exactly whose hair are we talking about?

Ezra's son, Steven, looked in the mirror one morning and casually commented, “Hey Dad, look, my hair had a party last night.” As soon as Steven got on the bus for school, Ezra called Keith and said something like, “I don't know how it goes, but our next song is going to be called My Hair Had a Party Last Night.” But then again, there are a lot of Hair Parties out there.

6) Which song(s) is/are your favorite on the disc? Why?
It's hard to pick a single song as a favorite. Each song has an important part of the whole show. One leads to another. Keith does especially enjoy the performance of The Day Care Blues and you've got to love a Simon Says game with 1,000 people playing.

7) In the past few years more artists have been producing children's music. What do you think about that development, & kid's music now? Any advice for these artists?

The thing that is most exciting about children's music today is that more and more artists are writing and performing quality original music that inspire both kids and adults. If you can do that, then you've succeeded.

8) It looks like your busy touring. Are there favorite or new places you look forward to?

With My Best Day, we just received our third Grammy nomination. We're looking forward to taking our families to Los Angeles in February of 2007 for the award ceremony!

9) Any new developments or upcoming projects on the drawing board for the coming year?

We plan to continue touring and writing. We hope to eventually go to Idaho. That's the only state we haven't been to.

10) Thanks for your time. We look forward to seeing you when you're in our area & best of luck at the Grammys. Do you have a message for the kids & parents?

Our best advice for kids and parents is, learn to swim and enjoy your lives!

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