Friday, November 17, 2006

When it's time to cha-yange...!

Howdy, friends.

As Peter Brady (of The Brady Bunch) crooned..."When it's time to cha-yange...," I felt a need to re-arrange stuff. I'm gettin' somewhat worn out with reviews. I'm enjoying the CD's, but feel I may be repeating myself with adjectives & format. Yet, I want great indie artists & their work represented.

That's when I recalled I'm something of a gabber. I like chatting with folks, especially about music. So, why not just talk to the artists? See what they're like? How does their creative process work? I've always discovered some golden nuggets when yackin' with someone. So, I'll be contacting artists, & folks involved in the indie kids music biz. Will they talk with me? We'll find out.

1 comment:

GooneyBird said...

I certainly hope thiey will talk with you! Looking forward to reading more....