Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nov. '05 Review: Brady Rymer: I Found It!

Brady Rymer: I Found It!
An instant classic! Former rocker, "From Good Homes" fame, Brady, knows how to write not just great kids songs, but great songs (period). "Cookin Saturday" is a bouncy ditty about the fun mishaps of cooking breakfast with mama. "Drawing on the Sidewalk" invites all to draw (& live) harmoniously. "Just One Little Letter", a sweet dreamy ballad, shows how you can change the world with a small, simple & graceful letter. Cool motown, country and R&B makes this album groove as well as it rocks. Brady's lyrics are imaginative and vivid. His warm voice & sincerity is apparent throughout.
If you've been looking for a great album that you & the kids can rock found it!

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