Thursday, May 25, 2006

Feb. '06 review: Ralph's World: Green Gorilla Monster & Me

Ralph's World
Green Gorilla Monster & Me

One of this year's GRAMMY nominees is Ralph's sixth CD...and it's about time! This delightful pop & rock album by the very talented Ralph Covert has it all: clever lyrics, humor and a rockin' band. Starting with the joyous, hand clapping "Dance Around," you'll find a cast of very colorful characters. Beware of the (very peppy) puppy with a scary name, "Monster." A green gorilla on the couch is quite a sight eating a "Red Bannana." There's an invisible friend & a man named "Guitarzan." My favorite is the Ramones-ish rocker, "I Don't Wanna", about the rewards of doing chores, that will have you & your kid pogoing around the room.

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