Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dec. '05 review: Trout Fishing in America: Merry Fishes To All

Trout Fishing in America: Merry Fishes To All
Ho! Ho! Hold it! There's something fishy this Christmas. This Grammy nominated album of a dozen original fun, funny & punny tunes is a must-have stocking stuffer the whole family will love! Chocaholics will delightfully indulge in the opening R&B hit "Chocolate Christmas." The trouts (Ezra & Keith) irreverent humor served up in "Santa Brought Me Clothes" & I Got A Cheese Log," disspell any myths about why '(when it comes to Cheese Logs) it's better to give than to receive.' For the zany-minded there's "Bob and Bob" identical snowflakes that are a bouncy freak of nature. On a more cozy & nastolgic note "Snow is Falling" just makes you grin about a grand day snowed in with nothing to do but hang out with your loved ones.
Put this one on the top of your Christmas list.