Friday, August 10, 2007

Cod Liver Oil Music (CLOM)

Important music with a capital "I." Mozart. Miles Davis. Sonic Youth. It's music that's good for you. Expands your auditory palette & intelligence. Enhances your cultural aptitude. However, like the essential omega-3 fatty acid, it's kinda hard to swallow at first. I hear Cod Liver Oil does wonders for kids too. But, kids tend to like the sugary, easy-to-swallow-whole, rockin' music. So, how does a parent get their youngster to listen to the likes of the funky organ/drum duo Sugar Free Allstars? I've tried. Dos Ninos has got some great grooves & sounds like nothing ANYONE else is doing in kids music today. But, my kids aint diggin' it. "It's weird, Dad," they say. "It's different, cool, interesting," I retort. "Check this track out." They're not having it. Is this kids music for parents too hip for kids? I'm enjoying it. Why aren't the kids? I think it will help them appreciate other forms of music. It's a gateway sound to Jazz, Electronica, etc. That's when I remembered my first experiences with self-imposed "Cod Liver Oil Music" (CLOM)...a term my friend coined back in the mid-80's.
See, I got a copy of "Bringing Home The Bait" by Live Skull, a NY No Wave band more edgy than Sonic Youth. I've been reading about the sound, plus the graphics were pretty wild. I was determined to love it. I was going to be hip! I was going to get into this whole No Wave sound. Well, like an 8 yr old getting a first sip of beer from dads mug it was a bit off putting to the system. Damn it, everyone else who I consider cool likes this stuff! What's wrong with me? It took a few listens to catch the nuances, & the feel for the music. Then something clicked. CLOM had an effect. I no longer just tolerated this stuff. I looked forward to it. I was hooked. It was definitely a gateway to other such Avant-garde music, newer & older. Now, I could really appreciate the wide array of hues & flavors the likes of Laurie Anderson, Pere Ubu, Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, Big Black , Lydia Lunch, & Swans.
So, maybe I ought to sneak it in to their daily music diet. Kinda like crushing a pill & blending it in with chocolate pudding. They'll thank me for it someday. I'm sure of it.
Maybe you can do the same: Sugar Free Allstars


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